Laundry Detergant Struggles!!

Amy's tried and true dump style recipe for laundry soap!

So what is the difference between FRAGRANCE-FREE and UNSCENTED products??

In the purest sense, both of these terms could be defined as lacking any scent or fragrance. When they’re used to describe a commercial product, “f...

Say What??

I am still in awe the power that the internet has.  Both good and bad but in this case, its AMAZING!!!

North Dakota Living Article!

We recently were featured in the North Dakota Living magazine which is sent to all Rural Electric Co-op Members across the state!!  We feel complet...

A Welcome Surprise!!

Well I wasn’t expecting to see this but Google alerted us!! 🤣🙌🏻Both Dakota Free and Gluten-Free Savonnerie are listed in the AMAZING article on the...

Benefits of EO Paint!

EO (Paint) is a miracle product. Please share the good news!

Why does it matter?? Gluten or other allergens in hair and beauty products.

Why is it important to me or my family if our bath, hair, skincare or baby products contain gluten or other allergens?? Gluten-free, allergen-spec...