Christine's Legacy

The unique products made and marketed by In the Potter’s Hand Inc. grew out of necessity, following a life-changing event for the Gillund family in July of 1994.  Christine Gillund became seriously ill after inhaling strong fumes rising from a bag of decorative wood chips that she had opened to use in the Gillund’s yard.  The poisoning resulted in severe and lasting health problems for Christine, which left her unable to use commercial products containing perfumes, solvents, pesticides and a bevy of other synthetic chemical ingredients.  This poisoning also caused Christine to be unable to leave the family farm.

Coping with these health problems led the family on a diligent search for quality, natural and fragrance-free replacements for the many perfumed and synthetic products they could no longer use. Disappointed with the natural products they could buy, Christine eventually developed her own line of plant-based skin care items, to be free of the ingredients that aggravated her health and ones that measured up to her standard of purity, quality and effectiveness.

The company name was chosen from the book of Isaiah to honor the Christian faith that the Gillund’s see as essential in supporting them through the difficulties of Christine’s illness.  From the beginning, the Gillund family has worked together to bring these unique products to others who need them and to build upon the promising business opportunity afforded them as they have dealt with this family tragedy. 

Throughout the years of operating In the Potter’s Hand Inc., Christine’s experiences and faith have changed many people’s lives.  Those that feel lost and without hope after receiving an autoimmune deficiency diagnoses, those that have too many allergies to list, and the list continues on and on for those who have been touched by Christine during her all too short lifetime.

Christine would spend hours on the phone talking to customers, listening to the challenges they faced, and many times gave them hope by the end of the conversation.  Living with a debilitating disease for so many years, Christine was full of knowledge with natural solutions to everyday problems and gladly shared this information with everyone who was seeking. 

In 2013, Christine was given a miracle after years of faithful praying and seeking God’s healing powers.  Christine was healed of her disease!  For the last years of her earthly life, she was able to travel with her husband, Gerald, visiting family and friends.  Seeing sights that she never thought possible while sick.  Spending time with those she loved without the fear of being ill after.

Unfortunately, in July of 2018, cancer claimed Christine’s life.  She has been a guiding light for so many both medically and spiritually.  Although Christine is not with us physically, her many years of dedication to In the Potter’s Hand are the driving force to continue her amazing work. 

We will remain a family owned business and continue to live out Christine’s legacy through the sharing her story of anguish, hope, and never-ceasing faith, share the knowledge that she left behind, and pray for those who are seeking relief.

                                                ~ The In The Potter’s Hand Family