Laundry Detergant Struggles!!

This post will not help get those piles of laundry washed or put away but does make a little easier for those with allergies or sensitivities!  

My kiddos have sensitive skin and when they were little, seemed to react to just about everything!!  I had always used a fragrance-free laundry soap due to my own sensitivities, however my kids were still having reactions to this (itchy, red, super dry skin) so had to figure something else out to give them some relief.

After trying just about (what seemed) to every liquid or powder soap that was supposed to be gentle, fragrance free and free of the junk, I had started making my own!  There are so many recipes and options out there but I thought I would share what worked for my sensitive family (of now 6).

I stayed away from the liquid recipes just because it seemed like way too much work for me…. Nothing wrong with them, I try to keep things simple in my life.

I went out and bought a mid-sized tote to mix the ingredients along with a glass jar to store the laundry soap next to the washer that added a little pretty to the laundry room! 


I use the following ingredients:

  • 3 lb box of Super washing soda
  • 4 lb box of Borax 
  • 4 lb box of Pure Baking Soda
  • 5 lb container of Clearly Clean Powdered Power
  • 1 lb (or so) of our soap shreds (I used whatever we had extra at the shop but they all work equally the same if you are allergic/sensitive to ingredients there are options)  **this way I don’t have to shred my own bars!**


I dumped all ingredients into the tote and grabbed a big spoon to stir it all together!  You want to do this in garage or on a non-windy day outside as it can create a dust puddle around the tote.  (Just saying it can make a disaster especially if those kids are involved!! Not that I know anything about this happening)

When washing laundry, I would put 1-2 Tablespoons in the machine after loading the clothes.  You can also use as a stain remover by scrubbing into damp clothing (or mix with a little water creating a scrub).  I also have used this to clean spots in my carpet and mattresses….  Seriously, a game changer!

The other bonus is that this recipe lasts us roughly 6 months!!

Not sure that this will help anyone but it sure helps my kiddos!!

**Another laundry trick that lives in our household is using Pure Prairie Bar Soap as a stain stick of sorts!**

 If you have any questions, please reach out!!