Top Five Best Sellers

Gluten Free Savonnerie

  1. GFS Shampoo - 820: A “better than salon quality” shampoo without fragrance, herbals or hidden ingredients.
  2. GFS Conditioner - 850: This “better than salon quality” fragrance-free conditioner contains jojoba oil, to create soft and manageable hair.  A nourishing, gentle and effective conditioner, designed to use every time you shampoo.
  3. GFS Moisturizing Lotion - 890: A facial quality moisturizer in a rich, non-greasy formula which absorbs quickly to nourish the skin. This lotion lends a silky feel to your skin for everyday use.
  4. GFS Lip Balm - 840: A lip balm without chemicals, corn, gluten, soy or nut derivatives.
  5. GFS Liquid Castille Soap: A non-caustic, all-natural versatile liquid soap that can be used for: hand or body, general cleaning, dish soap, and even your laundry.  It comes in 2 oz Travel Size Foamers (#836), 8 oz pump (#830), 8 oz foamer (#834) and 16 oz refill (#831).

Dakota Free

  1. Pure Prairie Soap:A soap that is fragrance free, all natural, gluten free, and handmade that can be used for shampooing, shaving, facial and body soap. It comes in single bars (#080) and stacks of 5 (#085).
  2. Honey Lipz Lip Balm - 040: Dakota Free Honey Lipz goes on smooth and silky. All natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Safflower Oil, and Jojoba Oil work together to moisturize and protect your lips for an extended period of time.
  3. Babassu Bar Soap (Coconut Free): Dakota Free Babassu Soap is free of nuts, coconut, fragrance, gluten and 100% natural. It is a facial-quality, creamy bar soap handmade in the traditional way. It comes in single bars (#078) and stacks of 5 (#075).
  4. DF Moisturizer: Aloe vera and luxurious botanical emollients combine to soothe, soften and protect skin naturally. Designed for the face, hands and body. It comes in an 8 oz pump (#030) and a 16 oz pump (#031).
  5. Baby Balm: an all-natural gluten-free, fragrance-free salve used to moisturize, soothe, promote healing and help prevent irritation or rash. It comes in two sizes: 2.25 oz (#510) and .25 oz travel size (#513).  We also offer lavender-free baby balm in the same sizes.

Millennial Essentials

  1. Identity Lip Support - 940: Moisturizes, soothes and protects your lips, zinc oxide delivers natural sun support.
  2. EO Paint - 915: A unique and synergistic blend of essential oils in organic olive oil.
  3. Lavender Relief Essential Oil Gel - 960: Natural lavender oil and organic aloe vera;It is gluten-free, easy to use, pain-relieving and not greasy.
  4. Days End Intensive Moisturizer - 938: Smooth, gentle and effective.  An anti-oxidant laden, intensive moisturizing experience for your face and neck.
  5. Super Tea Tree Essential Oil Gel - 962: This versatile gel combines 100% natural tea tree oil with the healing properties of aloe vera in a non-greasy, easy to use form.