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Prairie Inspirations Newsletter - Volume III, Issue II

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 Comments (0)

As the winter months fly by, I catch an occasional glimpse of spring time around the corner and enjoy thinking about the approaching warm weather. The first of my mail order garden seeds arrived last week, there are reports of geese returning from their southern vacation, and we are making plans for a graduation party. Despite these promising signs, we still have snow on the ground and will have to muster some patience

While I wait, there’s plenty to do – starting with this edition of Prairie Inspiration, where I hope you’ll find something interesting, something useful and something worth passing along.

Wishing you a month full of Joy and Inspiration!




A Favorite Quote
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

"So that whatever befalls me, be it good or bad, I should accept it equally, and give thanks always to God who revealed to me that I might trust in him, implicitly and forever…”
St. Patrick of Ireland


For Your Health
Do the long winter months put you in a gloomy disposition? This find may help you lighten your mood.

The following link has the scoop on a study suggesting that talk therapy, in combination with light therapy, has greater and longer lasting benefits over light therapy alone:
Mood Therapy

This time of year is problematic for those with the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It is a common problem in northern climates and many suffer without realizing there is help. You can read more about SAD at this “National Alliance on Mental Illness” web page:
Seasonal Affective Disorder

Something often overlooked in the discussion is the use of natural sunlight, it is the cure. There are opportunities to be outside even in the winter months and realizing that your body needs the sunshine is motivation to brave the elements for a morning walk or other outdoor activity.

I wish you a joyful, light-filled life


Answers to Your Questions
“You don’t have a store near me – is there something I can do to help you find one?”

This one is easy to answer and I appreciate your kind offer. It’s great to have your help. I’m committed to making Dakota Free available to those who need my specialty skin care line and there are many of you out there.

A good share of the stores that currently carry Dakota Free originally called us because they had customers who asked them to order. You can approach any store where you normally shop; a health food store, skin care shop, gift shop, salon or pharmacy will be a likely candidate. It is best to talk with the person in charge of ordering natural products. Tell them about your experience with Dakota Free and that you’d like to buy the products in their store.

Be prepared to leave them one of our flyers, business cards or even a piece of paper with our name, phone # and other contact information. A recommendation from a loyal customer is a powerful push for any store to consider our products. Don’t be concerned about asking more than once; persistence usually pays off.

You can find our contact information easily on the DakotaFree.com website at this link:
Dakota Free Contact Page


Just For Fun
I’ve learned much from reading advice and tips by Debra Lynn Dadd, but didn’t realize she had a website; last week I surfed right into it. The section on her home and daily life is fun to explore and the website as a whole has much more to offer:
Debra’s Website


Handy Hints
We deserve the right to know if there are convicted sexual predators in our neighborhoods; using the locator tool at this family watchdog website can help you and those you love avoid dangerous situations. Be safe!
Predator Locator Tool

These five states do not participate: Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota or Vermont.

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