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Prairie Inspirations Newsletter - Volume II, Issue X

Friday, September 30, 2005 Comments (0)

Greetings to everyone!
I’m wondering how many of you have skin like mine; skin that tends to flake, crack and cringe at the first sign of wind or cold conditions. As the crisp fall weather settles upon us, I’m pleased with my smooth skin and thankful for every skin care formula I have to help me stay comfortable

This month I have a few ideas to help you prepare your skin for cooler days, an interesting vantage point on your place in this world, a new recipe, and more.
Wishing you Joy, Inspiration and Plenty,



A Favorite Quote
“I find that if I am thinking too much of my own problems and the fact that at times things are not just like I want them to be, I do not make any progress at all. But if I look around and see what I can do, and then I do it, I move on.”

Rosa Parks


For Your Health
If you have children in your life to love, you may be interested in the conclusion from a recent study showing that they will benefit greatly and immediately from eating organic foods. The authors state:

“In conclusion, we were able to demonstrate that an organic diet provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposures to organophosphorus pesticides that are commonly used in agricultural production.”

The study recruited children from households where residential pesticides were not used so they could more easily ascertain the effect of diet on the children’s pesticide load.

If you wish to read through the study yourself, you’ll find it at this National Institute of Environmental Health webpage:
Children's Organic Diet/Pesticide Study



Answers to Your Questions
“How are essential oils different from other plant oils?”

There are significant differences; let’s start with some definitions.

Essential oils: concentrated, volatile, liquid derivatives of plant leaves, flowers, roots, bark, wood, fruit, or seeds that have a particular medicinal, hygienic or aromatic property that gives that plant oil value. These oils can be captured through any of several methods that include steam distillation, pressing, solvent extraction and enfleurage (transfer into a fat).

Vegetable oils: oils that are pressed or solvent extracted from oilseeds nuts, grains, beans or other vegetables.

God has given this planet an awe inspiring array of plants useful in ways other than shade, food, and beauty. One handy feature is that each plant has within its makeup some type of plant oil, these oils have a variety of physical properties and humanity has learned to make use of many of them.

Essential oils are fascinating compounds with a multitude of applications. The name is truly a misnomer because while some of the natural chemicals that make up the compounds resemble oils, the essential oils themselves are not at all fatty like the vegetable oils with which we are most familiar.

While not everyone knows about essential oils or how to use them to their advantage, almost everyone in developed nations has already used products that contain one or more of these aromatic oils: vapor rubs, mint flavored candies, and lemon dish soap will usually contain essential oils.

Vegetable oils are greasy oils without the volatile aromatic compounds that characterize essential oils. Most of us are very familiar with vegetable oils for cooking, massage and lubricating our skin or lips; I think it’s exciting to watch as scientists develop new uses for vegetable oils as replacements for petroleum oils in everyday products.

When you buy vegetable oils or essential oils remember that unless you are purchasing an organic oil the processing makes all the difference. If the oil is extracted with solvents or processed with other synthetic chemicals, you no longer have a pure, natural product.

You can find information on buying essential oils and vegetable oils on the DakotaFree.com information pages by following these links:

Essential Oils

Safflower Information

Soybean Information


Recipe - Do It Yourself
Home Spa Recipe:

Flaking skin is more of a problem when the cool winds of autumn begin to blow our way. This recipe is one that can benefit any type of skin, however those with dry skin and flakes will be especially pleased with it. The pumpkin and yogurt have an enzymatic action that dissolves the substance that holds flakes onto our skin. The treatment leaves skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

Holiday Glow Facial

1 TBSP Organic Pumpkin Puree
-either cook it yourself or take it right out of the can
½ packet of Dakota Free Organic Facial Cleanser, Scrub & Mask Powder
1 TBSP Organic Yogurt
(½ tsp pure water may be needed depending on the moisture content of the pumpkin and yogurt – add only if needed to make a smooth spread able texture.)

Combine all the Ingredients in a small bowl. Spread evenly over clean face, neck and chest skin. Leave on the skin for 6-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. If you are prone to flaking skin you will start to see the loosened flakes showing up as they dry. Use the other ½ of the Dakota Free Organic Cleanser, Scrub & Mask to exfoliate and the flakes will be gone

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